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The firm presently represents hundreds of commercial and residential landlords in all facets of their businesses, including lease drafting, fair housing, lease enforcement, non-payment and cause evictions, general guidance, and related civil litigation. The firm’s experience and expertise affords our clients the comfort of knowing that they are receiving the very best in legal advice and representation.
Turk & Milone staff
Turk & Milone staff
Landlord- Tenant Law
Residential Landlord Law
The primary focus of the firm is the representation of property owners and managers of both affordable and market housing. This representation includes all facets of their operations, ranging from day-to-day legal and procedural issues to preparation and review of lease documents, compliance issues, non-payment and “for cause” evictions, and contract disputes. The members of the firm are also well-versed in regulations relating to affordable housing as well as various subsidy programs including tax credits, project-based housing, and 40B.  As counsel to several of the largest Housing Authorities in Massachusetts, we have significant understanding and experience with all aspects of affordable housing. The firm has a reputation for aggressively handling eviction actions for clients, including not only non-payment of rent actions, but also those relating to drugs and other illegal conduct, as well as nuisance actions and complex material lease violation cases. The firms’ experience in this area also allows attorneys to proceed in an efficient manner, therefore ensuring lower legal charges and superior results. Members of the firm have earned an unsurpassed reputation in the Housing Courts through the Commonwealth, as well as the District and Superior Courts.
Commercial Landlord-Tenant Law
The representation of commercial property owner/landlords is a significant focus for the firm. This representation includes the drafting of commercial leases and related tenancy documents, negotiation of lease terms, general legal advice, collection actions, and actions to recover possession. The firm is known for its aggressive and practical approach to these matters and has achieved significant success on behalf of its clients. Many of the firm’s clients include owners of shopping malls, commercial office buildings, retail space, and office buildings.  The firm is also involved in cases seeking to collect unpaid rents from guarantors and former tenants subsequent to their occupancy and has successfully recovered significant sums for these clients.
Housing Authorities

The firm maintains a substantial focus on the representation of Housing Authorities throughout the Commonwealth. This includes both compliance issues as well as representation in project based housing developments. While the firm is able to provide both general legal assistance to these clients, the firm has achieved significant benefits for these housing authorities both in relation to the reduction in their accounts receivables as well as in the reduction of criminal activities and disturbances on these properties. Members of the firm are also active in the Housing Development Law Institutes, and have lectured both locally and nationally on issues confronting Housing Authorities.

Fair Housing Law
Fair Housing laws create significant pitfalls and challenges for property managers and owners. The firm has vast experience advising clients on matters relating to fair housing and reasonable accommodation law. Likewise, the firm represents clients both at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, Civil Rights Commission, and in State Court. The partners of the firm have also lectured nationally on fair housing and reasonable accommodation law, and offer ongoing courses for clients in this important area of the law.
Real Estate Litigation
The members of the firm have substantial experience representing clients in litigation relating to the ownership and control of real property. This includes Purchase & Sales disputes, land use disputes, collection actions, and restrictive covenant enforcement. The members of the firm have significant experience both in the defense and prosecution of all matter pertaining to real property.
Mold Litigation
Mold, and related microbial growth, has become a major sources of litigation for property owners and managers. The firm has successfully defended clients against such claims in both the Housing Court and Superior Court. In fact, Attorney Turk successful tried and defended the appeal in the seminal case of Avalon v. King, one of the leading cases in this area of law. The firm continues to provide legal advice and representation in the defense of mold related claims, whether raised as defenses in evictions or as independent causes of action.
Residential and Commercial Real Estate
The firm offers clients assistance in the purchase and sale of resident and commercial real property. This includes negotiating offers to purchase, drafting purchase and sales agreements, assistance in closing transactions, and all other facets of the purchase and sale of real property. The firm also works with several commercial and residential lenders.
Community Associations

Turk & Milone, LLP has more than 25 years of experience representing the diverse needs of condominiums and cooperatives.  This includes both collection actions employing the mandates of the so-called “Superlien”, enforcement actions against unit owners that violate the Condominium constituent documents, or general legal advice.  The attorneys at Turk & Milone, LLP also have been involved in resolving enforcement cases relating to such issues as smoking, illegal activity, noise disturbances, and other violations of the association’s documents.  As part of their commitment to preventative lawyering, the firm also works with associations to review and update their constituent documents to ensure that they afford associations and unit owners proper and appropriate protections.  We have the experience and practical approach to the law to assist associations in preventing and resolving their legal and operational challenges.

Civil Litigation

Turk & Milone, LLP has more than 25 years of experience representing clients in civil litigation in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Rather than “dabble” in the law, our firm maintains its focus on civil litigation relating to our clients real estate to insure that we maintain the experience and expertise to provide results driven representation. This includes working with clients on land boundary disputes, adverse possession claims, fair housing litigation, contractor disputes, collection actions, uninsured personal injury claims, and other actions relating to our clients’ real estate holdings. By staying focused on this area of law, we insure that our clients are in a position to achieve the best possible results based on our knowledge and experience.

General Legal Advice

At the foundation of the firm’s success has always been our ability to work with clients as a team both to prevent and respond to legal issues. The attorneys at Turk & Milone, LLP are always available to provide clients with general legal advice on any issues that may arise. Whether it is a strategy to deal with a difficult resident, a plan to reduce accounts receivables or a strategic plan to improve the quality of life at a property, we pride ourselves on our ability to work with our clients to assist them in achieving their goals. Our significant experience places us in the unique position of having dealt with many of the general and unique issues which arise for our clients on a day-to-day basis, and to provide accurate and timely advice.

Non-Payment and Cause Evictions

The attorneys at Turk & Milone, LLP have handled thousands of summary process eviction actions in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.  With this “process” is intended to be “summary”, recovering possession of residential or commercial property can often be anything but summary.  We have the experience to ensure that your cases are handled efficiently and effectively and strive to establish the best possible outcome.  When it comes to non-payment of rent cases, we understand that time really is money.  We ensure that cases are filed immediately and are brought to a conclusion as quickly as possible.  With our significant knowledge and aggressive prosecution of cases, we are often able to not only recover possession in a timely manner but seek to collect the money to which are clients are entitled. 

The attorneys at Turk & Milone, LLP have also been involved in almost every conceivable “cause” eviction.  Whether it is smoking, noise disturbance, criminal activity, or unauthorized occupants, there are very few issues which we have not already confronted. We have the experience to assign clients in developing their cases, gathering necessary evidence, and presenting the evidence in court to achieve the best possible results for our clients.  We understand that our clients are in the business of providing safe, decent, and affordable housing and are proud that we have been able to assist clients in ensuring that all tenants are able to enjoy their homes, free of disturbances, criminal activity, and non-compliant neighbors.

Employment Law

Turk & Milone, LLP provides practical and direct counsel on employment related matters related to our property owners and managers.  While we are available to assist clients on all legal matters pertaining to employees, we have developed significant experience in issues concerning termination, discrimination, compensation and termination, non-competition agreements, employment contracts, and separation agreements.  We also defend employers involved in employment litigation.  We are also able to assist clients in lawsuits involving wrongful discharge, wage and hour claims, the Fair Labor Standard Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Feel free to contact us to discuss compliance with all federal and state laws and a proactive litigation avoidance strategy.

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